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1:1 therapeutic yoga sessions

These sessions are a safe, trauma-informed space for you to feel supported on your process of healing. They are an invitation to find home in the body and to reconnect to a sense of physical and spiritual wholeness. 

During these sessions we take a moment to connect with one another, see what is present for you somatically and attune ourselves to what is asking to be tended on a somatic and spiritual level. 

Depending on what you are seeking we can deepen into your asana practice and explore embodiment or work restoratively and therapeutically to address underlying injuries or emotional exhaustion.

If you find yourself going through a period in your life where you need to feel held and witnessed, these sessions can support you on this journey through nervous system regulation, somatic resilience and attunement to self compassion. They are a beautiful complement to talk therapy or any other healing path you find yourself on.

Sessions are held online through the Whereby platform and can be recorded for you to keep infinitely.

Please contact me directly to book.

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