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200 hrs Vinyasa Yoga w/ Maritta Mittag

200 hrs Hatha Yoga w/ Rich Logan 
+80 hrs Katonah Yoga w/ Abbie Galvin 
+60 hrs Vinyasa Krama w/ Panos Katsandris
Form. Function. Flow w/ Mary Dana Abbott

Trauma-informed Yoga - The Ompowerment Project

Embodiment Practices - School of Embodied Arts
Vipassana Meditation Course - Dhamma Pokhara, Nepal

Further explorations: 
The Way of Tea with Jade Brunel
Women's Circle Training with Anoushka Florence & The Goddess Space



My classes are a contemplative, embodied and creative
exploration of the whole spectrum of yogic practices. Offering gentle support and guidance to students as they learn how to relate to their body as a vehicle for transformation and as they expand the edges of their awareness, from the physical to the subtle.

I have been practicing yoga for over 14 years and took my first teacher's training in 2015. I continued deepening my studies in India where I travelled to train in Hatha Yoga, further immersing myself in yogic studies and life in an Ashram. This experience shaped me incredibly and opened a vast world of spiritual practices that to this day keeps me travelling, learning and seeking wisdom from teachers and spiritual traditions.

My most influential mentors in the practice of Yoga have been Rich Logan, Abbie Galvin and Panos Katsandris.

I also hold a BA in Philology, and I love exploring the inner landscape through poetry writing. Pieces of my work have been published in Bellevile Park Pages in Paris and Ozon Mag in Greece.

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