Welcome dear one, 

I'd love to share some bits of my journey with you.

I grew up in the Dominican Republic, and I am currently living in the lovely town of Patras in Greece. From a very young age I was always intimately connected to nature, knowledge-thirsty about philosophy and esoteric traditions and curious about the magic that resides within the body.

I took my first Yoga class in 2008 and felt so connected to my being through the practice that I started my first Yoga training in 2015 and later on travelled to India to study Hatha Yoga, immersing myself in yogic studies and life in an Ashram. This experience shaped me incredibly and opened such a vast world of spiritual transformation that to this day keeps me travelling, learning and seeking wisdom from ancient traditions, teachers and elders.

My most influential teachers in the practice of Yoga have been Rich Logan, Abbie Galvin and Panos Katsandris.

I am currently working towards my Katonah Yoga certification. Katonah Yoga incorporates classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, sacred geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor and imagination in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being.

The last couple of years I've  been seeking for ways to approach spirituality from the spectrum of the divine feminine. To experience the world through the senses, allowing the current of life to overflow through. To connect deeply with my physical vessel, my body.

This led me to train in Feminine Embodiment Practices, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Women's Circles.

My classes and offerings are a grounding, embodied and creative expression of movement, breath and presence. Allowing us to playfully expand our edges of sensation, capacity and strength. And through that process shedding the many layers of conditioning that keep us disconnected from our true, divine nature.


I also hold a bachelor's in Philology, I am a lover of poetry and literature and a (very shy) writer. Pieces of my work have been published in Bellevile Park Pages in Paris and Ozon Mag in Greece.