I am a certified yoga teacher hailing from the Dominican Republic and currently based in Greece. From a very young age I've been interested in philosophy, spirituality and the way we embody ideas and experiences physically. I found Yoga for the first time in 2008 and years later travelled to India, to study Hatha Yoga under Rich Logan and deepen my knowledge of the practice.


I owe immense gratitude for my Indian teachers Annamalai Prana Ji, Sanathanan Kanakadas, Manoranjan Chand & Sudhagar Sai, original carriers of the yogic knowledge, who holding and honouring their respective lineages, passed on to me their precious knowledge. 

After returning from India I started working in Greece for Aman as a resident Yoga Teacher.

I've done further trainings in Vinyasa Sequencing, Anatomy, Restorative Yoga & Trauma Informed Yoga.

I am currently studying Katonah Yoga®. Immensely inspired by the teachings of Nevine Michaan and the beautiful community of teachers whose knowledge inform and inspire my practice and teaching.


I am also a graduate student of Spanish Philology and Literature. I'm interested in the written exploration of inner landscapes through prose and poetry and my work has been published in magazines and literary journals such as Belleville Park Pages in Paris and Ozon Raw in Greece.