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  • 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Training w/ Maritta Mitag

  • 200hr Hatha Yoga Training w/ Rich Logan + others

  • 200hr Katonah Yoga Training Modules w/ Abbie Galvin + others:
    Restorative Yoga | The Private Lesson | Mentorship

  • 300hr Vinyasa Krama Training Modules w/ Panos Katsandris + others:
    The art of sequencing |  Anatomy and physical differences | The power of language

  • 300hr Embodied Yoga - Advanced Facilitator Training w/  Samāveśa School of Yoga

  • Trauma-informed Teaching Skills for Yoga through the Ompowerment Project

  • Cha Dao - The Way of Tea w/ Jade Brunel

  • Women's Circle Facilitator Training w/ Anoushka Florence 

    Continuing Studies:

    Counselling & Psychotherapy | Vipassana Meditation | Somatics & Embodiment Practices | Craniosacral Therapy


 Thank you for being here.


Below I share a little bit more about my journey.


I am here because my curiosity for what lies underneath our habitual ways of seeing ourselves and the world has opened me to the vast possibilities of being at home in myself, in relationship to others, and in relationship to the whole.


Since my teenage years I used to read and devour anything related to philosophy, spirituality and esotericism.  Years after, I entered my first Yoga class and felt a sense of self-compassion and physical and energetic alignment that I never knew to be possible. It felt as if a big knot at the center of my being softened just enough for me to catch a glimpse of all the possibilities dormant within me.


From there I've spent many years non-dogmatically exploring different traditions in the Yoga landscape and studying under different mentors, slowly cultivating the most important of relationships: the one to the inner teacher.

I have trained extensively in the traditional Hatha Yoga lineage and  have been practicing for over 14 years, taking my first teacher's training in 2015. My love for the practice has gifted me unforgettable experiences, from being immersed in Yogic studies in an ashram in South India to studying Buddhist meditation in the Himalayas. I am constantly humbled and grateful for the way the practice, and all the mentors I have met along the way have shaped my life and guided it towards wholeness. It is my purpose to share the knowledge gained in the hope that it will guide others in their personal path of evolution.


My classes are a contemplative and creative exploration of the whole spectrum of yogic practices. Offering gentle support and guidance to students as they learn how to relate to their body as the seat of  awareness and organic intelligence. Encouraging the use of the practice as a way of cultivating compassion towards self and others, sensitivity, embodiment and self-enquiry.

Following my love for the intersection between eastern spirituality and western psychology I am currently training in person-centered and experiential counselling & psychotherapy.

I am also a student of Cha Dao. Tea has been an important plant teacher who has supported my meditation practice and has guided me deeper into a contemplative life inclined towards reverence, slowness and harmony.  I am honoured to be a channel of transmission for this beautiful practice in Greece.

I am currently settled in the city of Patras in Western Greece where I teach regular classes in my local community as well as host women's circles and tea ceremonies.

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