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a somatic based mentorship to remember ourselves at home again,

in the body

A 4 -month private mentorship journey of awakening into self-love, embodied compassion and somatic aliveness

somatic resilience • embodiment • restorative movement •
self-compassion  • empowerment • non-dual philosophy

The Journey

For 4 months we meet once per week virtually to explore restorative and gentle movement infused with the wisdom of the monthly theme.

Additionally every week you receive further guidance and exercises in the form of recorded practices, resources and reflection prompts

Personalized guidance and practices for your own personal journey

1:1 on going support for the whole duration of mentorship

I. The thinking self

What we explore each month

Meditation and body based mindfulness

The first step into changing our relationship to our body, is to notice the deeply ingrained beliefs and stories we tell ourselves. In this first month we deepen into meditation practices to begin a shedding of the layers of conditioning that keep us separated from the beauty within.

II. The feeling self

Embodiment Practices

We begin to explore the meaning of Embodiment and work with a deeply releasing and energizing movement practice that allows us to reconnect to our capacity to feel again and to improve our life based on the deeply intuitive wisdom of the feeling self.

III. The soft animal of the Body

Nervous System Resilience

In order for us to feel at home again in the body, an organic sense of safety and trust is required. In this month we learn about our nervous system as the most ancient, animal part of our self and we explore techniques both to soothe and to challenge our capacity to feel resilient and at ease in the body.

IV. Embodied self-compassion

Creative, contemplative and somatic practices inspired by Tantric Buddhism & Non dual Kashmir Shaivism 

For our last month we study two different philosophical and spiritual paths that will allow us to gain a different perspective about the body's place in spirituality. We challenge patriarchal, orthodox and capitalist oriented narratives of somatic oppresion and explore different practices infused with the wisdom of non-dualism.

This mentorship is for you if,

  • You are finding it hard to relate in a healthy and sovereign way to your body

  • You are unable to see movement as anything other than a way to change the way you look

  • You are unable to let go of beliefs that distort the way you see your body

  • You long to reconnect to pleasure, aliveness, strength in the body

  • There is a sense of unsafety or disconnection from your ability to feel

  • You spend too much time in your head and find it hard to reconnect and center into yourself

  • You are ready to see your body as a sacred vessel of connection to the divine

  • You long to relate to yourself through softness and self-compassion

  • You need a way to release tension and open constricted parts of the body

  • You tend to be demanding and harsh towards yourself

  • You prioritize work over pleasure, rest and health

Feeling the call?

The winter container of this mentorship is currently full.


The journey will begin again on April 2024. Sign up to the newsletter to be notified first when applications reopen.

May we learn to return
And rest in the beauty
Of animal being,
Learn to lean low,
Leave our locked minds,
And with freed senses
Feel the earth
Breathing with us.

─ John O'Donohue

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