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may we learn to move,
as slowly as nature,
may each breath hold,
the length of a wave receding,
the lightness of a leaf falling,
the depth of night sky

may we become,
through this practice,
an empty vessel,
constantly filled
by that which orbits the cosmos,
by that which constantly,
brings us home


Hi, I'm Marisel

I am a yoga & meditation teacher,
lover of movement and embodiment practices, trauma informed facilitator.

I guide individuals in the exploration of wholesome, meditative movement as a way of reconnecting to the organic intuitive intelligence inherent both in the self and in nature. 
Practices to remember ourselves home in the body, in the earth.

Online Practice
a virtual yoga lesson library

giving form to the formless



The practice of Yoga, as ancient as breathing is one of the most beautiful gifts of humankind. The array of techniques and practices, the ethics and the philosophy create a contemplative and embodied space in which we can access the deepest layers of being, of universal consciousness and of nature itself.


Cha Dao

The way of tea is a meditative internal cutivation practice that uses the plant camellia sinensis, the tea plant,  in a ceremonial setting in order to cultivate slowness, harmony, a connection to nature as well as to deeper states of being.



In person immersions to deepen our relationship to practice, to community and to nature


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