In a Yoga nidra session progressive relaxation, body scanning, emotional, mental and sensory awareness are used in order to access a state between being awake and asleep.  It's a sublime practice that takes us into a restful and harmonious state where we can be healed, restored and awakened to our deepest, all-knowing, all-welcoming self.


My classes are a gentle, spiritual and functional exploration of somatic inhabitance. I honour and embrace all practices of Yoga  and avoid the exclusive focus on asana as is usually done in western studios. In my classes we will embody yoga philosophy by getting to know the practices that make it what it is: chanting, pranayama, meditation, mantra, asana, subtle body anatomy & ethics.

I teach mainly Hatha Yoga but I love to integrate elements of Vinyasa, Alignment and Restorative practices so students are able to reeducate their body's unique movement and strength patterns. Allowing space for every practitioner to delve into their own healing process while exploring this spiritual path in its entirety. 


 Working either with Meditation or Breathing techniques the aim is to lead the practitioner through a soulful session that engages all senses in order to withdraw them and helps the mind to calm down, rebalancing the nervous system and nourishing positive thinking, self-love, compassion and healing.


Also known as Women's Circle. These circles are an ancient practice that creates a safe space where women get together in order to feel part of a community, collectively heal and explore their inner landscapes. Stay tuned through Instagram for the next circle happening close to you!

All photographs by Rodrigo Valsamis -

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