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Yoga is at its essence, a form of meditation, a connection to our subtle being through movement, breath and presence.

My classes are a contemplative, therapeutic and functional exploration of somatic inhabitance. I am at heart a hatha yogi, honouring and embracing the whole spectrum of yogic practices.

My classes focus on meditative embodiment, alignment, free movement & creative sequencing, breathwork, postural rehabilitation, strengthening, philosophy and therapeutics.

I aim to help students to develop a conscious relationship with their body, so they can explore both their implicit and explicit patterns of being, moving and thinking.


My teaching is informed by traditional Hatha Yoga practices, Katonah Yoga, Iyengar, Embodiment practices and creative self expression.

I currently teach public classes in the town of Patras in Greece.

I also offer 1:1 private sessions and a youtube channel with accesible practices for all, taught in Greek.



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