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Women's Circles + Feminine Embodiment


A women's circle is a an ancient practice that brings women together in a safe space to share, learn and gather in community.

In the circle we share our vulnerability, our dreams, our stories and we learn how to embody our divine feminine nature. Through this process of exploration and shedding we learn to enhance our feminine qualities in order to bring forth physical and emotional balance and to align to our spiritual needs. We learn to shed the endless layers of conditioning and opression we receive on a daily basis.


We reconnect to our cyclical nature, we learn the wondrous magic that resides in our bodies, we celebrate our sensuality, our creativity, our receptivity, and both our inner and outer sense of nourishment. We learn to walk the path of beauty.


We learn to welcome sensitivity, intuition and emotion allowing them to guide us further and further into our true potential.

And most of all it allows us to BELONG to a sisterhood of powerful women, who are stewards for the earth, their community and their herstory.

If this calls out to you, check the blog & events for upcoming circles.


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