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Returning Home ~ A Seasonal Self - Care Workshop

At times the outside world starts to feel like a dangerous place. Relating to others becomes tedious. Open heart vulnerability becomes impossible. Our innate sense of belonging, safety and calmness, our "inner home" is nowhere to be found. And being present, specially in the body, becomes at times, unbearable.

All these are signs of a lack of grounding and a dysregulated nervous system. Signs of a body that has forgotten how to feel from the head down. A state fed further by trauma and a performance oriented system that gives no value to rest, integration and self-care. In this 2 hour online workshop we will learn tools, practices and seasonal wisdom to reconnect to our inner felt-sense of nourishment, wellbeing and resilience. Come, let's return home.

Bring a yoga mat, a journal, and plenty of pillows. Set up your space with beauty and warmth in mind.

Register: - friends + family / add your email when registering Sliding scale: 15 - 30 euros. Zoom link will be sent an hour before. Recordings available. Please register consciously, no refunds.


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