For thousands of years the Mayans and Aztecs have used raw, ceremonial Cacao as a healing and sacred ritual plant. It has been revered for its healing properties and because the components it carries inside such as anandamide, serotonin, oxytocin and PEA (the love molecule) allow us to feel deeply connected to ourselves, others and nature. It allows us to access euphoric states of being and to release any negative emotions. Bringing forth feelings of depth, awakening, self-love, creativity, intuition, and the one its known the most for: opening the heart. Cacao allows us to perceive our feelings and the world around us on a heightened state of clarity and joy, allowing us to access any past traumas or current difficulties in order to heal them.

I first found Cacao while looking for a way to honour and serve my indigenous ancestors and elders, and to pass on their knowledge and devotion towards the natural world and everything it gives us. 

I am now facilitating Cacao Ceremonies for any type of gatherings such as retreats, workshops, weddings or any other sacred occasions. 

I also offer guidance sessions (both in person and online) for anyone  on their path to healing, emotional openness, self-love and creativity through cacao medicine. This is not a coaching, mentorship or therapy session, I will offer my presence, guidance, and will humbly  hold space for you to delve into your own, personal, healing process and share the tools that have guided me over the years.

 We will explore, reflect and deepen our relationship to self by peeling under the layers of conditioning and the stories that keep us away from out true divine nature and our spiritual and emotional evolution. 

If interested, please get in touch.


All photographs by Rodrigo Valsamis -

© 2023  Marisel Douzeni.